EPISODE 01 - Make That Coin

The cast is ready to do what it takes to make money for the new season of their sketch comedy, no matter the stakes! With a dash of flair, a dose of hustling, and a healthy portion of ingenuity, they hit the streets of NYC to make that coin hunty!

EPISODE 02 - Divas Live

The year is 2005 and the scene is VH1's Diva's Live. Celine Dion attempts to reboot this beloved franchise with some help from her friends JLo, Rosie O'donnell, Miss Cleo and more. But all of a sudden things start to go wrong...

EPISODE 03 - The Facts Of Life

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have this classic retro TV parody. We'll also serve you up a side of commercial spoofs including but not limited to a giant tampon and Miss Cleo.

EPISODE 04 - Trading Spaces

Two home renters trade spaces to redecorate on a limited budget, with help from their designers Hildy and Vern. Tensions run high as personalities clash and designs fail to impress, with many off the wall hilarious moments that can only be described as twisted.

EPISODE 05 - Safety First

Meet Dixie Belle The Safety Clown, the boogieman from your nightmares, here to host this very special childrens show. With special guests Carol Channing. We'll also serve you up a side of Gay Moms, and visit Crack Alley.

EPISODE 06 - Blooper Special

We take a look at all the hilarious bloopers and favorite sketch moments with special hosts Michelle Buteau and Ally the Alligator. We'll give you deleted scenes, extra footage and more from the Divas, Miss Cleo, Gay Moms and GeniVac.

EPISODE 07 - Leftovers

Not our freshest, but still tastes pretty good when you heat it up and throw some hot sauce on it. Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip to our parody of Gilligan's Island. We'll also visit Baby Booboo, and the Star Trek Convention.

EPISODE 08 - Behind The Laughs

We take you behind the (not so) true story of our show "It's Twisted TV", revealing secrets, throwing shade, and looking back at all the zany moments that happened behind the scenes while creating the show. We'll also serve you up a side of full on murder mystery featuring our very own "Scream" killer.