Jeneen Terrana

Our very own Celine Dion impersonator and so much more, Jeneen Terrana has been gaining national and international exposure touring her music across the US and Europe. She's a true songstress, a powerful performer with fire and soul in her voice that comes from a wisdom far beyond her years. Jeneen Terrana's music could be described as KT Tunstall meets Feist... country, pop, rock and folk with a feminine vulnerability. Jeneen has opened for several national artists including: Ellis Paul, Mieka Pauley and Rachel Sage. She grew up in Buffalo, New York, and was strongly influenced by her Sicilian grandfather who sang every Sunday after dinner. "My grandfather put on a full opera." She sang in rock bands in high school and became active in local theatre. After leaving Buffalo, Jeneen studied classical music and opera and began experimenting with other styles of music. With her BA in hand, she moved to New York, to dive into the local music scene.