" I believe collaboration is one of the finest spices in life and in music, two artists coming together and blending their styles is the stuff of alchemy " says Aris. This magic rings true on "Through The Storms". The rock and soul album is lush, emotional, intimate, tender, soaring, and sexy all while feeling very much like a collected work. The collection features a powerhouse of guest collaborators including Coby Koehl, Ari Gold, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Vincent Digeronimo, Jeneen Terrana & Paula Cole.

The opening track "Become Love" features soul singer Coby Koehl and an infectious refrain "Love become a mountain and a mountain become love". It bounces effortlessly with a funky piano line, claps and swampy blues guitars. "The song was inspired by my mother, who believed love could move mountains. It's one of several songs on the album that I wrote with her in mind." The bridge evokes Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools". "Aretha is a huge influence of mine, and there are serveral moments on this album that were inspired by her arrangements, piano stylings and vocal deliveries"

"Freedom" follows, a call to action anthem with Nashville rising guest vocalist Jeneen Terrana. The instrumentation blends rock guitars with country banjo, perculating under soaring harmonies. This isn't the first time Aris & Jeneen have collaborated - the two acted on a sketch comedy together years prior. Another Nashville rising star appears on the track "Forsaken". Aaron Lee Tasjan plays guitar and co-produced the track with Aris. "Aaron and I recorded a bunch of tracks together with John Kengla and Rob Heath. A few ended up on my second album "Twilight Revival" and a bunch were in the vault including this one". "Forsaken" is part of the album's final arch, all inspired by the stages of grief at the end of a long term relationship.

Aris reveals deep emotional power and grit . HuffPost Entertainment contributor Michael Cook describes Aris as "... a unique and sublimely in touch artist. ... hauntingly ethereal ... Aris' raw and yearning vocals pairing wonderfully with the throbbing beats throughout... "

With his hands across all facets of songwriting & prodution, Aris takes the listener deeply into his world - revealing, disarming, refreshingly vulnerable, heartfelt and uplifting. With songs about love, loss, grieving, self-care, mental health and civil rights, there is a universal message that can be found through every sonic thread. Blending rock and soul with influences of 90's alternative, Aris delivers a collection of powerful rock anthems & equally memorable ballads on "Through The Storms".

Notable stand-outs from Aris' four album catalog include the duet "Love", a collaboration with Grammy winner Paula Cole, and his work with singer/songwriter/guitarist Aaron Lee Tasjan. Aris and his music have been featured in fashion campaigns for Project Runway winner Irina Shabayeva and on dance floors at venues such as the legendary Webster Hall, the Bitter End and Santos Party House. Jim Fusilli of The Wall Street Journal describes Aris' music as "rock with big lyrical themes" and offers comparisons to singer Peter Gabriel. While Aris has also drawn comparisons to Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell and U2, his sound is definitely unique. "Clubland's newest rocker combines a punk sensibility with electronic dance to create a unique grunge house sound all his own." writes Nashville's "Inside OUT".