OIL KILLS PROTEST NYC - entertainment correspondent Rachel Fine (from Howard Sternís Bonus Show) follows protestors as they strip down and cover themselves in oil at a recent Oil Kills demonmstration in NYC.

founded by a group of young motivated voices in various sectors of the multimedia and entertainment industries

A public awareness campaign using dynamic multimedia arts as a platform to educate about the continued destructive nature of the oil and gas industries

Recent spills in the Gulf of Mexico, Michigan and China are just a small list of thousands of spills in the last 30 years. The worlds' consumption of oil is growing at a rate which we cannot sustain.

Exploratory drilling is going to dangerous lengths to feed a greedy industry that is reaching its peak, and the environmental destruction will unfold exponentially unless we educate and empower ourselves to break this deadly addiction at it's source.

Join us.
Together we can change the world.


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