The Story of Stuff - a very informative short film explaining how consumption is destroying the planet

The History of Oil Use - find out where it started, where it went, where it's going.

Seafood Safety and Politics Don't Mix - "Opening of Gulf Fisheries at Odds With Evidence of Harm" - from the Huffington Post, brings light to the toxic food situation currently brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Abandoned wells: ticking timebombs - AP investigation finds BP was responsible for 600 of more than 27,000 abandoned wells in the Gulf of Mexico

Toxic Dispersant Corexit - sometimes the clean up is more dangerous than the oil itself. The use of Corexit in the gulf, which can cause a variety of respiratory and neurological health disorders, is a perfect example. Why is it banned in the UK but OK to use in the USA?

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Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

Second Harvest of New Orleans

Catholic Charities of New Orleans

Volunteer Florida Disaster

We'll be collecting a variety of charity and social organizations here that you can get involved with either directly or indirectly to help make real change.



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