Singer-songwriter Aris delivers "a storm of emotion, desire, passion" on his new album "Pulse", writes entertainment blogger Tommy Geraci. The Brooklyn native has tapped into his upbringing, influenced by the city's melting pot of musical sounds, as the son of an Irish belly-dancing mother and a Greek immigrant father. "Pulse" is a hearty collection of dance tracks, blended with rock, soul and world sounds. The sound "isn’t just an all-out, face-to-the-floor adrenaline boost, there’s a seductive element that gives it another dimension. It’s this duality that really shines through above all: not quite EDM, not quite Pop, and not quite Rock, but a perfect blend of all of these styles coming together to create something new entirely." writes Evan Morgan of Poet & Pariah.

Aris' video and single "The Music" premiered on the Huffington Post in September of 2017. HuffPost Entertainment contributor Michael Cook writes "... a unique and sublimely in touch artist. Singer/songwriter Aris premieres the video for his new single “The Music” from the album “Pulse”, which as an album, has taken on a whole new meaningful and emotional tone. The track stays consistent with the hauntingly ethereal vibe that makes Aris’ music so unique, with Aris’ raw and yearning vocals pairing wonderfully with the throbbing beats throughout. The video keeps that rawness, showing gritty street shots countered with shots of Aris performing live"

The video is a love letter to New York, featuring the city as a backdrop to a night of celebration. As the sequence unfolds, the viewer is left with a feeling more of sitting next to the artist than watching an elaborate production from afar. Co-Directed by Aris and Elijah McCready, "The Music" is the second single from Aris' third full length album "Pulse". "Pulse" was successfully crowdfunded via Kickstarter.

The collection includes a collaboration with Grammy winner Paula Cole on the album's thumping opening track "Love (Thank You)". Their duet is likely to be come one of the singles from the album, it being an early fan favorite. The album also includes the single "Reborn", which Phil King of Audiofuzz muses "hits you in all the right spots". "Pulse" is now available on iTunes and other digital retailers worldwide. Aris is currently working on the deluxe edition of "Pulse" which will include new recordings and remixes.

Aris and his music have been featured in fashion campaigns for Project Runway winner Irina Shabayeva and on dance floors at venues such as the legendary Webster Hall, the Bitter End and Santos Party House. Jim Fusilli of The Wall Street Journal describes Aris' music as "rock with big lyrical themes" and offers comparisons to singer Peter Gabriel. While Aris has also drawn comparisons to Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell and U2, his sound is definitely unique. "Clubland's newest rocker combines a punk sensibility with electronic dance to create a unique grunge house sound all his own." writes Nashville's "Inside OUT".